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Tri-State Pooper Scoopers, Inc. offers Residential and Commercial services. Our Commercial Services Division will clean up dog and geese waste found at apartment complexes, parks, and golf courses. So, when you see one of our bright orange Tri-State Pooper Scoopers, Inc. vehicles in your area, know that you’ve chosen a company that is committed to improving the conditions of our community and our environment. We believe that we can make a difference one scoop at a time. Call us today to find out how we can serve your community.

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Complete Service

Waste Technicians are professionals
who evaluate and service
residential and
commercial properties.

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Custom Schedule

We believe every pet deserves a
clean and healthy environment.
We can provide that environment
based on your schedule.

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Pickup Delivery

We are a business that is dedicated to making life easier for pet owners. Never worry about the lawn again.

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Special Treatments

Our trained waste technicians will
do the dirty work for you and
deoderize and disinfect your property.

Our Services .

We Offer Pet Waste Removal
Professional Services.

Our Treatments & services are provided for both residential and commercial residents in DE, PA, MD, and NJ.

Dog poop is toxic
to the environment!

Our Waste Technicians are professionally trained to handle and remove animal feces so that harmful bacteria does not wash into our creeks, streams and rivers. Fecal bacteria can cause serious illness in humans, including cholera and dysentery.

Why Choose Tri-state Pooper Scooper?

Comfort Environment

Easier life with our complete pet waste removal system

Professional Staff

Our staff always look to service your needs in a timely manner.

Personalized Care

Never worry about the lawn again with our Residential Service

Kid and Pet Friendly

Clean and environmentally safe solutions for entire family.

Affordable Savings

Tri-state offers great prices with a variety of service plans.

Special Treatments

Remove all hazardous pet waste from your property

Frequently Ask Questions .

Most of our customers prefer service once a week. Others use their yards more often, so we offer additional pick-ups, two and three times a week service. For those of you that don’t need as much clean up, we offer every other week, once monthly, and even a one-time-cleaning service. If you would like to know more about our additional service options, please call us 877-433-7667

The cost of our service varies, depending on the number of pets, the size of your yard, and the amount of waste accumulated. Our most popular service plan, is “the weekly service” plan, and it is based on one dog in an average size yard and costs around $15 per week. Each additional dog is $2.50. Unlike other waste removal companies our service includes the waste removal service, our sprayed deodorizer applied to the service area as well as the bagged waste removed at no additional charge. Don’t forget to ask about our discounts for our Senior Citizens, owners of Service Dogs and where to find coupons. Like Us on Facebook for additional offers. Looking for a larger discount? Ask about our Quarterly, Bi-annual and Annual SAVINGS.

With your prior approval, there likely will be an extra charge for the first service call if there is a large accumulation of waste. The costs averages $40-125 for the initial service, that will include the deodorizer/disinfect and as well as the bagged waste removed from your premises.

Because our business is built on word-of-mouth and we believe in customer satisfaction, we now offer the $50 Referral Program. If you are happy with our service or know someone who is, please tell your family and friends. We will pay you $25 for the referral and your referral will receive $25 as well. There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. Just ask and we’ll mail you the referral cards or click here. Through the referral card, once your referral pays their first three invoices, both accounts will automatically be credited $25 or we will send you a check. There is no limit.

Yes. Dogs keep making their messes all year long, and our company continues to clean and remove dog waste through the winter. If snow stays on the ground, but there is no new snow to cover it, we will do regular cleanups to prevent excessive accumulation. We’ll work in most weather, but heavy rain, snow, extreme cold, or a declared State of Emergency can stop us. If there is more than an inch of snow or rain, we will postpone that day’s service until the next business day. If there is an extreme weather condition, or reasons beyond our control that will prevent us from completing that week’s work, we will follow up the following week to clean your yard. In the event of harsh weather, where we can’t make it to your property, the following billing procedures will apply: Weekly service clients will be billed at 50% of your regular rate. Twice-Weekly service clients will be billed at the weekly rate if one day is missed. If both days are missed you will be billed at 50% of your twice-weekly rate. Bi-Weekly service clients will be serviced the next week This policy is due to the doubled amount of waste that we still will need to pick up on the next service, and in most cases, we will need to hire additional staff due to the accumulation. If harsh weather is expected, your service day may be changed in advance. This gives us the opportunity to get ahead of any possible delays and stay on top of your property.

For our residential clients, we have a scooper made to hold large quantities of waste. If the yard is large or if there’s an excessive accumulation of waste, we have a portable vacuum designed to pick-up the waste. Once we pick up the feces, at no additional charge, we remove the bagged waste from your premises.For your protection as well as ours, Tri-State Pooper Scoopers, Inc. cleans and disinfects our equipment and work boots after each service. This is how we ensure we don’t bring or take any parasites or pathogens with us.


Frequently Ask Questions.


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