Cats are mystical, attractive, and considered to be royalty in the animal family. Although the little, furry animal flaunting a slender body with a glorious long tail is loving, loyal, friendly, curious, yet they might seem aloof, unkind, unattached, and kinda “lazy.” It’s funny how cats are associated with having a resting “bitch- face”! Cat-owners can probably relate to all the allegations and agree as to how misunderstood these species are. If you are a proud kitty owner, you will probably agree to this one fact that cats can be demanding subtly when it comes to maintenance and care. Litter box and scooper are a few of those essential tools that are a must for every kitty TLC kit. Apart from ensuring their physical wellness, these tools also ensure the mental and emotional health of cats. Intrigued? Here’s how:


Your litter box should be big enough to provide ample space for your cat to move around and do its thing. Your cat’s size has a role to play in deciding on a litter box size. If a box is too small, chances are your cat will leave its excrement next to the box due to lack of space. A litter box must allow ample depth to soak up urine and aid the digging behavior of your cat.

Apart from the size, the entry and exit from the box should be comfortable for your cat. Stay away from enclosed litter boxes. In addition to restricting movement, enclosed boxes are dark, tend to hold in odors, and can be tough to clean.


When choosing a litter, most cat-owners go for fragrant, scented, and dusty options. However, the scent that’s pleasing to you might not be the same for your cat. Go for unscented and low-dust variants. Apart from this, ensure that you get a litter that is easy to clean too—price, weight, and presence of natural ingredients. Do not make the mistake of changing the litter types too quickly. Cats don’t like too much change, and it is more likely to leave your cat to avoid the litter box altogether.


Location of your litter box matters too. It is recommended to have one litter box on every floor of the house. Always have more than one litter box. Depending upon the number of cats you own, you might need to invest in more than one litter box. For multiple cat-owners, make sure one litter box doesn’t lie in a direct line of sight with the other one. It can give rise to behavioral issues among your cats.


Cleaning is the essential aspect of this entire checklist. Make sure you use a scooper for litter box cleaning. When you need to do it multiple times, you might have the urge to use your hand (wear a glove or wrapped in plastic) for convenience. However, hand scooping often leaves remnants of cat poop behind, leaving the possibility of bacterial infection and breeding different diseases.

A regularly cleaned and well-designed litter box is key to the well-being of a cat. Unfortunately, cleaning litter can be tricky and often leaves the owners in question about its effectiveness. If you are looking for some assistance, dial 1-877-433-7667 today to learn about our kitty litter box service.