Are You Handling Your Kitty Litter Right? ABCs of Litter Box and Scooper

Cats are mystical, attractive, and considered to be royalty in the animal family. Although the little, furry animal flaunting a slender body with a glorious long tail is loving, loyal, friendly, curious, yet they might seem aloof, unkind, unattached, and kinda “lazy.” It’s funny how cats are associated with having a resting “bitch- face”! Cat-owners can probably relate to all the allegations and agree as to how misunderstood these species are. If you are a proud kitty owner, you will probably agree to this one fact that cats can be demanding subtly when it comes to maintenance and care.  Read More

Flea Tick Yard Treatment Mistakes To Stay Away From

Dogs are adorable. Dogs are therapy. You hardly come across a person who denies the innocence and cuteness of these four-legged furry wonders. It makes sense why anyone would want to keep them around as pets. However, taking care of your pet is no different from a child. Even, they are prone to fleas and ticks’ attack.  Read More