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The sound of geese flying overhead, calling to one another can mark the coming and going of the seasons. For the caretakers of large properties, it marks the beginning of the impossible task of keeping their land clean as geese take over.
The mess that geese leave behind is not only unsightly but also unsanitary. The waste of Canadian geese carries high levels of bacterias such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Goose waste and the parasites in it can also pose a danger to pets who might consume the waste.
All of this makes it difficult for people to enjoy recreational spaces in our communities. We can help by cleaning up the mess for you! With the help of our trained techs and specialized equipment, we can help maintain your property and make the world a cleaner place.
Use our Smart Sweep System to remove goose waste from your fields, residential areas, sports fields, golf courses and anywhere else geese may gather, improves improve the quality of life for everyone in the community. The 5-foot wide sweeper picks up animal waste of all varieties and various other debris left behind in common areas. By using our sweeper system, you minimize the potential of infestation of harmful parasites that live in animal waste.
We also utilize a Goose Deterrent Formula to discourage geese from returning to your property. This eco-friendly formula is made from grape seed extract. The deterrent changes the UV spectrum which makes the turf color appear different to the geese. The second part of the formula makes the turf distasteful to the geese, which makes them want to feed elsewhere.
By applying this formula, we can decrease the goose presence on your property dramatically.
Don’t let another season pass spent dodging landmines and shooing geese.
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