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Tri-State Pooper Scoopers

Tri-State Pooper Scoopers, Inc. offers Residential and Commercial services. Our Commercial Services Division will clean up dog and geese waste found at apartment complexes, parks, and golf courses. So, when you see one of our bright orange Tri-State Pooper Scoopers, Inc. vehicles in your area, know that you’ve chosen a company that is committed to improving the conditions of our community and our environment. We believe that we can make a difference one scoop at a time. Call us today to find out how we can serve your community.

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Complete Service

Waste Technicians are professionals
who evaluate and service
residential and
commercial properties.

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Custom Schedule

We believe every pet deserves a
clean and healthy environment.
We can provide that environment
based on your schedule.

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Pickup Delivery

We are a business that is dedicated to making life easier for pet owners. Never worry about the lawn again.

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Special Treatments

Our trained waste technicians will
do the dirty work for you and
deoderize and disinfect your property.

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